Bavarian “Cosmopolite” Restaurant

Our German themed restaurant and bar on the 1st floor, with open view brewery has all the authentic lunch and dinner menu favorites from Germany.

Bavarian themed Cosmopolite restaurant and bar open for lunch and dinner

Open from 11am – 01am daily

German cuisine combines various culinary styles that became popular not only in Germany but also worldwide. This country has known for a great number of sausages varieties, pork and beef are the main varieties of meat that they consume. Among the traditional dishes of German cuisine offered in the menu – sausages, pates and shank, also cheese and cheese snacks, Cosmopolite restaurant offers“Sürkrüt” (“Sauerkraut“) – a famous traditional dish of Alsace cuisine – cooked with meat or sausages.

All guests of the restaurant-brewery Cosmopolite are invited every week, at 9 p.m. by the duo of Nicholas Tym and Oleg Adzhikaev! The two talented professional musicians will perform their own music program, as well as famous songs of legendary popular artists. Click to watch the video!

Enjoy exclusive domestic beer brewed in our own brewery that has gained great popularity in Kiev. Advanced brewery equipment separated by glass for viewing from the dining room, continually make four varieties of tasty and the freshest beer – light, wheat, “Brown Ale” and “Stout”. Try our ‘sampler’ of the four different beers! In addition to fresh beer, restaurant Cosmopolite bar offers a comprehensive selection of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and fresh juices.

In German cuisine there are many variations of cakes and pies that are baked, often with fresh apples, plums, strawberries and cherries. Our chef, specially trained in Germany, will cook classic apple strudel with vanilla sauce, or “Kaiserschmarrn” – loose pancake with raisins and cream-plum confiture for our guests. According to German custom, coffee is served not only for breakfast but also in the afternoon with dessert.

Special interior of our Bavarian restaurant Cosmopolite is expressed in the thematic areas: a place to rest near the bright panoramic windows, spacious tables with natural wooden frame for a friendly party, a private fireplace room and as well as a cozy romantic retreat on the second floor of the restaurant.

Impeccable quality service, genuine Bavarian cuisine and fresh beer certainly shall ensure a pleasant experience for our guests!



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