Contest & Exhibition “Kryshtaleva palitra – 2013” Award in “J.Greter” Art Centre 05.12.13-19.12.13

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J.Greter Art Centre presents the third annual exhibition of young Ukrainian artists’ works that took part in Crystal Palette – 2013 Award.

Nowadays a lot of talented people try to find the opportunity for their projects realization. Crystal Palette — 2013 Award is a unique chance for the new talents to demonstrate one’s giftedness in one of the contemporary art currents, regardless of the age or experience.

The main aim of the contest moderators is to support and promote the contemporary Ukrainian art, to bring new talents to light and encourage them to create new masterpieces. One can hardly find any similar competition that would provide suchlike opportunities and valuable prizes that prove the significance of artists work and their value for the whole Ukrainian culture.

It is the third time Crystal Palette — 2013 Award is going to be held and year by year it moves into high gear. “Some of the artists can be easily already recognized for their brushwork, but still, there are other quite young painters that deserve our help and support simply because they are the future of the nation”, said the moderators.

This year Oleg Radvan, a renowned American artist of Ukrainian origin, a winner of numerous international contests, will be the honorable member of the judge panel. All the works are divided into the following  categories: portrait, landscape, still life, genre painting, nude, non-figurative, graphics; sculpture; actual art (objects and installations). More than 150 works are already picked over by the organizing committee.

This competition is independent that’s why every volunteer will be able to vote for the work one finds the best either on site or during the exhibition in the gallery. The special Audience Choice Award from J. Greter Art-center will win the work which gets the biggest number of visitors’ voices. Crystal Palette – 2013 Award  is a chance for the artists at age16 to 30 to demonstrate their art to the wide audience and get to know their colleagues’ body of work. This is the only project that allows the new talents not only to present their works, but also to take the first steps into the endless world of contemporary art.

This unique project is hold with the support of J. Greter Art-center. The winner will get the grand-prix – the crystal palette made of high-quality crystal and money reward.

Grand opening  04.12.13 at  19:00

Address:  “Shuliavska” metro station,

6 Vadyma Getmana Str,

Shopping mall «Bilshovyk», A block, 3-7 floor.

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