The Cosmopolite Hotel concierge in the hotel lobby will gladly organize a wide range of excursions for you. Besides tours of the 5 hotel museum rooms we offer a wide range of general and thematic excursions around Kiev. The unique project created especially for our hotel is a thematic tour “Avant-garde painters’ places in Kiev” during which you can get deep knowledge of the avant-garde art which our hotel is dedicated to. Many historical and cultural sights are nearby in the city centre area including the Unesco World heritage site: Saint-Sophia Cathedral and Related Monastic Buildings, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Opera House, Khreschatyk (Kiev Main Street), Golden Gate of Kiev, Andriyivskyy Descent and the Museum of Eastern and Western Art, or just admire the Orthodox Churches golden domes that rise from the forested hilltops.

For booking an excursion or for just more information, please contact us at: Tel. +380 44 20-535-20 or email us at: info@cosmopolite-kiev.com

Popular Excursions

  • Podol

    Walking tour, duration 3 hours

    Podol is a living history of Kiev, the legend of Kiev, the oldest settlement of this land, an inexhaustible source of Kiev tales and anecdotes. Deep in the atmosphere of the early twentieth century.Visit the Contract Fair, go to Podol’s shops, visit the famous temples, enjoy the unique samples of Ukrainian Baroque, which has its own traditions and characteristics and gives the national color of facilities of unsurpassed beauty.

  • Kyiv City tour

    Kyiv City tour
    from 1 to 45 people with transportation. Duration 3 or 5 hours.

    Our team of experts has developed the best possible excursion for your first visit to Kiev. This tour will leave in your memory unforgettable impressions of the beauty and glory of this ancient city on the banks of the river Dnieper, the centre of Kievan Rus, and now — the capital of Ukraine. From the 2 Unesco Heritage sites, to many of Kyiv’s beautiful parks, to both ancient and ultra-modern wonders of architecture as well as a wealth of luxury boutiques with international brands, there is much to enjoy during a day of exploring with a personalized guide.

  • Andrew’s descent

    Andrew’s descent
    Walking tour, duration 3 hours

    Andrew's descent is one of the most popular streets of Kiev citizens and visitors. One of the oldest streets. One of the most beautiful streets. About this street can write novels (which was made by the admirers). Writer Mikhail Bulgakov, artist Murashko, Doctor Theophilus G.Janowski - is only a short part of the list of famous people of Kiev, the inhabitants of St. Andrew's Descent. Walking down the street- museum will allow you to listen to their voices, to meet with the extraordinary history of St. Andrew's Descent.

  • Bulgakov’s Kyiv tour

    Bulgakov’s Kyiv tour
    walking tour and museum visiting. Duration 3 or 5 hours.

    Kyiv period of the life of Mikhail Bulgakov, his characters and their real prototypes - a theme of this tour, during which you will visit the famous "House of Turbines" (Andrew's Descent, 13) and the places associated with the life of Bulgakov's family in Kiev. Chapter of the novel "The White Guard" come alive when we are together with its heroes are passing familiar yards and alleys, quoting excerpts from Kiev newspapers of that time, remembering the historical events described in the novel.

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